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I'm Heather, and I'm TV's bitch. My muse hates me most of the time, so I end up reading fic more than I do writing it. I go to sci-fi cons and I love cosplaying when I get the chance. This blog is 99% squeeing about fandom/lady hotness/ships/anything fatastical and 1% knitting and real life. Feel free to ask me questions or prompt me for quick fics if we share similar fandoms!

"Well, look at you all dressed up…"


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I’m not even in this fandom, but hearing this made me feel so much better about life

I needed this today.

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Misha Collins; "When I was in high school, I liked to pretend that I was a Russian foreign exchange student. I would do things like go into a pizza restaurant and tell them I’d never had pizza before, and they’d bring me into the kitchen and show me how to make an American pizza. It’s really fun."

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I know you guys (gals? folks?) *pause, clears throat* I know y'all tend to prefer Sam and Nat for your pairings because I haven't read your entire blog why would you think that ;D, but you might think about digging through the tags over at fuckyeahdarcylewis; Steve/Bucky/Darcy is a fairly popular ot3 in some parts and Darcyland is a really friendly place. :)
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Oh yeah! That place! I came across it a while ago, I think, but I hadn’t delved deeply into it yet— holy hell are there 21 pages in their OT3 tag? 0_0

Okay, so yeah, definitely going on my reading list!


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Helena Wells meets Joan Watson in a bar, of all places. What follows is something like normality. [Helena Wells/Joan Watson, implied Myka/Helena at times]

Words: 2570, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English



It’s obviously a one-night stand, but Logan can’t help thinking about the girl.
Darcy is sexually liberated and doesn’t care much for what Logan thinks. He’s just really good in bed.
(Chapter one is the sex, and chapter two is a bit of plot - not really necessary but I wrote…



Darcy had always had a rather rocky relationship with gravity. Ladders were not her friends, balance was not one of her inherent skills, and she had an unfortunate tendency to trip over air. Once she was old enough to read, and understand, her soulmark, she resigned herself…



“This is the best-slash-worst mission ever,” Darcy says. “On the one hand, we’re stranded in the wilderness; on the other hand, I get to spend days in bed with Captain America.”

Or, How Darcy and Steve Learn to Stop Worrying and Have Lots of Filthy Sex.

Chapter 1 is…

Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer [x]

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